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The name Hesla Farm (Gaard) first appears in written records dating back to 1528, yet the land has been cultivated and inhabited since the Viking era.


“Hesla” derives from “hesli,” indicating a place where hazel trees grow, and “la,” denoting water colored red by bog ore. Hence, the farm’s name essentially means “the farm by the pool where hazel grows.” The presence of hazel trees, forming a “nut forest” at the farm, is a rarity in Gol.

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Today, Ligia and Knut host Hesla Farm, carrying on these traditions and history with pride. They are dedicated to creating exceptional and unique experiences for all visitors. We assure you a delightful stay at Hesla Farm, where a warm welcome awaits you in both summer and winter.


The The Hesla family has provided a haven for travelers since 1738, marking the farm’s official inauguration as a guest house in 1923.


This tradition has expanded to include several buildings on the farm, catering to more guests. Between 2016 and 2019, a total of 9 houses were meticulously renovated with materials chosen to preserve the architectural and historical essence of Hallingdal homes. Through tourism, we have the privilege of inviting guests to immerse themselves in Norwegian culture, experiencing our authentic historical buildings and traditions firsthand.