The event of several lifetimes

The environment means everything when you’re organizing an event, whether it’s a family gathering, a meeting, a wedding, a conference, or a kick-off.  

Eco-friendly farm stay

If you choose Hesla Farm, we can promise you an experience far beyond the ordinary, as you walk across the courtyard between the apartment in the 400-year-old storehouse and the dining hall in the barn. It’s as far from the polished, modern, and boring hotel as you can get.

Unique event venue in Gol, Hallilngdal

Sightseeing, hiking, farm visits, culture, fishing competitions, catering, entertainment with live music, karaoke, and quiz? Please tell us about your wishes regarding the program and content. The answer is yes, we fix it and tailor it.

Delicious local farm food menu

People who have visited us have many stories to tell, not least about the food. In addition to fresh eggs from the country’s most free-range chickens, we create the most exquisite dishes based on exquisite raw materials delivered from neighboring farms. Our famous raclette, served with well-aged ham and seasonal vegetables, is a popular example of our locally sourced, eco-friendly temptations.

Historic farm accommodations

Staying at Hesla Farm is an experience in itself. We have built tasteful, modern, and well-equipped apartments in nine historic farm buildings that each represent their own era in history. Here you will meet authentic interior details such as rustic lamps and doors, here you can sleep in a centuries-old rose-painted bed. Wake up refreshed to a new day, enjoy the view, and feel the tranquility settling in.

We who run eco-friendly Hesla Farm welcome you to the farm and to a total experience that will create memories that live on long after you have left.

Why not make the authentic Hesla Farm in Gol in Hallingdal a part of your own story? 


The ultimate Norwegian heritage holiday experience: Where 400+ years of history comes alive

Have you ever wished that you could go back in time and experience what farm life was like centuries ago?

Well, at Hesla Farm, you can. There is no doubt that farm living in the 17th and 18th centuries often was hard and involved heavy work, totally dependent on the harvest from year to year. Over the last decade, we have undertaken a different kind of hard work to prepare for your future visit to our farm. We have carefully refurbished and re-insulated our 9 buildings and transformed each one into a unique guesthouse with modern facilities, such as a well-equipped kitchen and a modern bathroom. History and aesthetics have been our guiding principles during the process, to keep Hesla Farm authentic to the core.

This means that you may sleep in a rose-painted bed that was bought and brought to the farm more than 200 years ago, with the only difference being that the mattress, pillows, duvets, and bedsheet are of modern top quality. Every guesthouse is an original farm building with a history that we proudly present via a QR code.

The stunning view of the valley and the mountains is the same as it was way back when, and you can still smell the grass in the meadow and wake up to the sound of birds singing. It is a magical feeling, and that is a promise!

So, if you are looking for that special, authentic, and tranquil holiday feeling, you are more than welcome to visit, located at Gol in the heart of Hallingdal, by the road between Oslo and Bergen in Norway. And should you have family or friends who might be looking for a holiday off the beaten track, do feel free to share our humble post. 

Thank you, and once again: Velkommen til gards! (Norwegian farm slang for a very warm welcome).