«Våningshuset» is the main building on the estate.
A part of this building has been converted into a guestroom, with its own entrance.
The interior is nostalgic 30’s with a and includes a bathtub and a small kitchen.

– Located on the 1st floor.
– A nice and private alternative for couples.

What we call it both suit it right in the hood house with its own entrance up the stairs it is defined interior from the 30’s furniture with furniture from the main house that was use in its time they had a special function in the familia hesla interior.
Vaaningshuset consist of 50 m2, with a large and beautiful light blue color on the walls that was much used in those times. we want and recreate the good and fine style from that time, which gives even more character after use. There is also a large double bed, and a bathroom with a bathtub. kitchen is small but with everything one needs for a short stay. TV; WI-FI electric fireplace on the road, nice lamps that are in the style of completely.price 1000kr per day