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Asle is a 400-year-old storehouse that originally stood on the farm next door. It was moved to
Hesla and renovated in 2020 and fits perfectly into our landscape. The house is over 2 floors.
Here you will find a modern bathroom with a stone sink, kitchen with a hob, a rose-painted
four-poster bed from the 17th century, and handmade interior, TV and a balcony facing the
courtyard.  Perfect for romantic getaways.
On the roof of the storehouse is a clock from the 16th century. In the old days, it was used to
call everyone on the farm to breakfast at 9 o´clock.

 Adults: 2
 View: Garden, Mountain
 Size: 40m²
 Bed Type: Double
 Categories: Mini Suite
 Amenities: Free wi-fi, heat pump


  • Adults: 2
  • Amenities: Free wi-fi
  • View: Garden, Mountain
  • Size: 25m²
  • Bed Type: Double
  • Categories: Mini Suite


Prices start at: kr1,650 per night

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